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Stop wasting your practice time on random drum lessons. With carefully designed drum courses featuring the best teachers around, you’ll always know exactly what to work on for maximum results. Grab your sticks and lets Drum!


The ideal student is anyone who can sit and listen, receive coaching and instruction, and is teachable is the ideal student. We don’t look at age or ability. If you have a passion, we want to fan that flame and get you where you want to be on the drums.


Let’s face it. We could sit here and tell you how awesome we are. But hearing someone talk about themselves gets kind of old. Instead, we let our students tell you how we are different.



$130.00 Per Month for 1 hour a week class.



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Best Drum Classes for Kids in the United States Drum lessons for kids

are becoming quite noteworthy these days. In this regard, we, at Piano Guitar Singing Lessons provide the best drum classes in the United States. With us, signing up for the private lessons for your drum is simple and easy. We give our best efforts for connecting with the teacher who you required for the drum lessons.

Our approach

All we want is your success on the drums. With us, you will get the course for reaching your goals. We make the lessons that will be suitable for you.

Our best drum classes in United States and zoom drum classes are now of the superior quality that will match your expectations. So, stop wasting time for your practice on random drum lessons when we have the custom online zoom drum lessons curriculum for you.

Now get ready to learn drum at home with the best teachers around the globe. We will give you the maximized results for the drum classes for kids. Besides, you will also get a plethora of skill levels, styles, and topics. You can get the fulfillment of the objective by playing favorite songs on the drums. The play you apply with our songs will give a detailed breakdown of the music.

Our teachers are professionally trained to take your drum lessons through Q&A sessions. You can get the opportunity of connecting in a personal way. What makes us the amazing trainers is that is not limited to just the elders. We can deliver drum lessons for the kids as well.

Drum Classes

Our services:

We are the one-stop solution for your drum lessons. Here’s what we offer in our online classes.

The start

Our virtual drum lessons for kids will become the rock-solid foundation for the drumming and will prepare you for all the levels. You will get high-quality online drum lessons for kids with us. Be it rock, Gospel, Jazz, or blues drummer, we will teach you right from how to hold the drumsticks to mastering the levels of drumming.

Drum training

Our approach will take you through the entire method of honing your abilities. First of all, we start teaching you how to read the drum notations and understand the basic theory. In this way, you can start developing the skills effectively and play remarkable drumming styles like Punk, Rock, and metal.

Rhythmic grouping with our efforts

You can learn the different grouping of notes here. We will also give you an introduction to the concepts of grouping and how to create different groups and fields. So, you will get an understanding of every theory and notation that will give you the ability to play the musical drum in different styles.

Finger control, and foot combinations

We can also give you training about the challenging materials in learning the drums. Development of finger control, teaching different styles from hip hop to the second line, is something that we excel in. You can also get learning about the foot techniques and the combinations. We can teach you about the slide, swivel techniques, and development of the speed endurance in these levels. You can choose the style according to your preferences and develop versatility.

Why choose us?

We are superior to our competitors in terms of the advanced lateral and rhythmic layering strategies that we implement. We can prepare you in a way that you can now start testing your skills anywhere. Playing the drums isn’t any more a matter of fuss when you’re learning to play the drums with us. So, join your hands with us immediately to get the virtual drum lessons.

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