Enroll For Our In-Studio Lessons At San Antonio Arts Academy

    San Antonio Arts Academy Agreement

    Free apps you’ll need to download (as needed): Metronome, Tuning app (for guitars)

    Purchase from San Antonio Arts Academy

    • All Music Books are FREE

    • Registration & Orientation $25 & Music Bag $25

    Music Bag includes:

    • Musicians Lanyard of musical instrument you/your child is learning

    • Full access to Music Lessons online Video library

    • “Music Millionaire System” Practice incentive program

    • “Music Ladder System” Students are recognized each quarter after testing.

    • Many other forms including Resume, Copy of Signed Agreement, Calendar etc.…

    Important information you need to know:

    • If a month has 5 weeks, that 5th week is FREE.

    • Schedule dates are according to the current year Public School Calendar (See Calendar)

    • Fees are payable by Credit Card through automatic billing each month on the day you signed up.

    • Convenience fee of 2% to 3%. will be charged by the credit card company for all credit card payments.

    • Your monthly fee will be prorated to the 26th of the month you entered

    • Due to full student scheduling, missed lessons will be forfeited OR student may attend a group lesson set on the last Saturday of each month. YOU are responsible for scheduling your missed lessons.

    • This Agreement may be cancelled with a 30-day written notice.
      (See Calendar) **Any lesson San Antonio Arts Academy cancels due to emergency, etc., will be made up.

    • Daily Homework Chart will be issued to parents to insure and encourage student(s) progress.