San Antonio Arts Academy – FAQ

At San Antonio Arts Academy, we have a program called ‘Music Fun Safari’ which is suitable for 3-year-old children. To learn more about ‘Music Fun Safari’ program, click on
At present, our centre provides singing lessons, piano lessons and guitar lessons in San Antonio. Since we understand every individual has unique needs, we customize the style of music to the individual student request.
Your musical lesson will start on the very first day, but perfection takes time and discipline to play well. Though our musicians will do their best to personalize the teaching for your impeccable learning, you can definitely expect to see some good change.
Our piano classes, singing classes and guitar classes are 1 hour each, and conducted once or twice a week. In case you want to strengthen the class hours, do speak with us via phone 210-340-7877.
Yes, we do charge nominal rate but only in case the travel time is lengthy, or if the distance is out of San Antonio. In most of the case, we don’t charge extra in the remote area (easily reachable distance).
If you want to yield the best result out of your singing lessons, piano lessons, or guitar lessons, we recommend you to continue classes for at least one month.
The time slots do vary as per the individual needs and the ongoing classes. Our team will send you a calendar with the times and days available. You can pick the appropriate slot.
Yes, we teach both beginners and professionals. We have all the instruments needed, however, you will need an instrument of your own at home to practice with.
We appreciate the enthusiasm of parents towards their child’s creative growth and will give all parents a weekly practice chart to help students practice diligently.
Of course you can, the theory is the cornerstone of our singing, piano and guitar program. We will cover materials like pitches and scales, intervals, rhythm, phrases and basic harmony.
You’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t. Learning the piano is a plus point to your musical skills and strengthens the foundation. Besides, playing different types of music bridges the gap of musical styles.