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The ukulele is truly growing in its popularity! And who can deny it… the uke is a special instrument!
Favorite things about the ukulele can include:

• Small – it’s easy to take anywhere and play.

• Easy to learn – the ukulele is a great first instrument for anyone wanting to dip their toes into learning how to play an instrument.

• Quick Wins – It is so easy to learn the ukulele that we could probably talk you out of the need for lessons on it.

If it’s good enough for Twenty-One Pilots, to Grace VanderWaal, to Eddie Vedder, what is keeping you from learning how to play? Just a phone call, buddy!


Anyone who can sit and listen, receive coaching and instruction, and is teachable is the ideal student. We don’t look at age or ability. If you have a passion, we want to fan that flame and get you where you want to be on the ukulele.



Let’s face it. We could sit here and tell you how awesome we are. But hearing someone talk about themselves gets kind of old. Instead, we let our students tell you how we are different.



$130.00 Per Month for 1 hour a week class.



Fill out the form below or call us now and we will get you started on your dream of playing the ukulele the way you have always wanted. Yep, it’s that easy.

Top-Notch online Ukulele Classes in United States for Kids

Being a Hawaiian instrument, the ukulele is closely linked to royal functions. If you want your kid to begin with ukulele lessons at an early age, our ukulele classes in United States is the right choice.

At Piano Guitar Singing Lessons, we offer the best Zoom ukulele classes. Attending these classes will help your kid learn ukulele at home. From an introduction to the first lessons to the advanced lessons of playing the ukulele, our lessons cover all bases. With our specially prepared online Zoom ukulele lessons, your child will get to learn everything based on a step-by-step approach.

Our ukulele lessons online are designed to help your kids learn the art of playing the soft strings

Most parents prefer the ukulele to the guitar, primarily due to its soft strings. Still, it demands special skills and takes both time and dedication to learn the method to play them. Our ukulele lessons for kids are intended to help your kid address this need with finesse.

Who can attend our beginner ukulele lessons?

We do not place any age or ability-related restrictions for learning ukulele lessons. And our online ukulele lessons for kids are designed to help them learn the basics of playing the musical instrument from home. 

So, any kid who can sit throughout the duration of the class, which usually lasts for an hour, and can listen to the coaching instructions can enroll for the classes.

Why choose our online ukulele lessons for beginners?

Over the years, we have established a name for providing the best ukulele lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. Our lessons focus on not only covering the ins and outs of playing the ukulele but to also help your kid cope with the challenge of doing it without any difficulty.

To ensure the fulfillment of the learning objectives of your kid, we choose a teacher corresponding to his/her needs when he/she attends our ukulele classes for beginners. This approach not only makes them feel comfortable but also addresses all their needs.

Thus, by enrolling your kid for our online ukulele lessons for beginners, you can rest assured that your child will achieve all their learning objectives by the end of the course duration. More than introducing children to the lessons of playing the ukulele, we build a strong foundation to bring out the future ukulele music artist in them. 

We provide best online ukulele lessons at reasonable package

At Piano Guitar Singing Lessons, we believe in fair pricing policy for our online ukulele classes. The fees for our weekly class, which lasts for an hour, is $130.00 per month.

How to enroll your kid for ukulele classes online

Learning from home is the best option for your kid with the passion for the ukulele. We have the best ukulele lessons for beginners. With our systematic approach, you can rest assured that your kid will find it simple and easy to sail through the challenge of learning to play the ukulele.

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