Kidz Rock Music Program

Kids Shaping Their Passion for Music – Kidz Rock Music Program

Being a true school for music, we aim to shape your kid’s musical passion with a world-class course that includes kidz rock music program, piano lesson, guitar lesson, singing lesson and drum lesson in San Antonio. Our institute is nothing less than a preeminent platform for the next generation musician, composer, and singer. Since each class is being managed by a team of professional musicians who pays special attention to individual learners and encourages them to become a better version.

Interesting fact:Do you know that students learn self-discipline and sharpen their creative thinking? There’s a reason why the majority of parents are associating with an excellent musical school for their child but it’s mainly because of the brain-boosting effect. It’s a wonderful skill and learning any musical instrument is fun & enriching.

At, we provide you with an excellent facility to shape your kid’s passion for music. Our center is located at a reachable distance and managed by a team of super-qualified teachers. Ever since we incorporated, we have kept the zing to be called the best institute for music lessons and have been the community’s favorite choice to sing a happy tune.


Kidz Rock Music Program is more like a result-driven musical program which combines one-on-one classes with group band practice and aims to let your child be part of a rock band which evidently serves as a great encounter for kids. Our Kidz Rock Music Program is absolutely suitable for children 4-7 and 8-12 where each child learns how to play an instrument in the setting of a rock band. The highlights are:

  • Kids Rock Program gives emphasis to drums, electric guitar, and keyboard where they prepare to sing and play in a rock concert.
  • The songs students learn to play are specifically composed for the program and use ‘simple to learn’ musical pattern.
  • The kidz rock program also teaches students to read color-coded standard music notation. The program is an amalgamation of unique experience which combines instruments, singing, theory, group performance and showcases rock ‘n’ roll fantasy.
  • Other than this, children learn the basic mechanism of guitar, keyboards, and drums and learn to sing on a pitch with musical dynamics.

If your kid has a zing for music, why not provide your child with a platform that can nurture their passion. To learn more about Kidz Rock music programs, or other intuitive programs, do stop by at Class formed our first KidzRock group. There is still room to grow. Sign up today.