KIDZ ROCK Music Program

Kidz Rock Music Program Steers Your Child Creativity to Become Superstar

Bands for ages of 4 -7 and 8 -12 to fit your little ROCK STAR!

Our kidz rock music program bestows the experience of a real rock band where your child rehearses under the guidance of skilled musicians and articulates the ideas in a constructive manner. Music for growing up kids plays a crucial role in their nurturing and immensely helps in improving their emotional strength & brainpower. Besides, it has been found that music or related activities enriches the social skill and greatly help in tapping their inner creativity.

Although most of the kids get inspired by seeing a musician performing on television or YouTube, they hardly get a platform to experience what it is truly like to be in a band. At Piano Guitar and singing Lessons, we provide them with a platform to perform and give them the experience which evidently broadens their love of music.

Since kidz rock music program is being managed by a team of fervent musicians, they learn the choral band playing and observe the harmony in song. Our instructor teaches them the importance of consistency and how to work together with others.

Nothing Ever Becomes Real Until It Is Experienced, and what can be a better way than kidz rock music program to experience the realism of musical band. In the program, we don’t just provide individual music lessons but also give emphasis to team sports by creating student bands, recording music and performing in public. Besides, children learn great things when they get to play with other kids.

How is our program different than others?

At Piano Guitar and Singing Lessons, we knew we had to be different during practice and learning time. Hence with the world-class faculty and flexible timings for recital & performance, we began our journey and provided students with a fun-filled atmosphere which ultimately helped them to reach their full musical potential.

Alongside, we take advantage of color-coded standard music notation on modified instruments and kid-friendly rock songs which makes the entire learning experience a pleasurable one. Many parents loved our ideas; especially when they see their child being on stage and experiencing what a professional musician has.

The hand on musical experience with varied instruments such as Drums, Guitar, Singing, Ukulele, Piano, Bass Guitar & Saxophone broadens the kid’s horizon and ultimately they will want more to become good at what they are interested to play. It is fun and at the same time, the program builds a strong musical structure. To find out more about kidz rock music program, do stop by at